3D Design & 3D Printing Pre-Assessment Quiz

Welcome to your 3D Design & 3D Printing Pre-Assessment Quiz

1. How would you define a 3D printer?Add description here!
2. When was 3D printing technology invented?
3. What was the name of name of the 3D printing technology back then?
4. Who is considered the “Godfather” of 3D printing?
5. Why 3D printing first became popular?
6. What is the timeline of 3D printing technology?The Infancy Stage: ?
The Adolescence Stage: ?
The Adult Stage: ?
7. What was the first ever 3D printed organ?
8. What was the The Replication Rapid-Prototyper Project all about?
9. What made MakerBot so outstanding in the 3D printing world?
10. Why 3D printing is becoming so commonplace?Here are more than one answers correct.
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