Welcome to your Pre-Assessment Quiz for C++ course!

1. Select the correct order for running a C++ program
2. What is the role of the main function in a C++ program?
3. A C++ variable is:
4. What does a floating point number contain?
5. What are operators used for in C++?
6. For printing input and ouput C++ uses two standard streams, cout and cin. These streams work with the so called insertion operation. Choose the correct answer:
7. Look at the following lines of code and select the correct condition in order for the message to be printed.
8. Which is the most suitable loop form to choose when we know exactly how many times we want the loop block to be executed?
9. Arrays are a data structure that can store values in contiguous memory locations. Which of the following is true?
10. C++ functions have a certain structure, namely a funtion name, a return type, parameters and a function body. Which of the following is true?
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