Digital Hubs

Find a place in your city where digital transformation is evolving.

Based on the research


of shools do not provide regular training on digital skills


of employees require at least a basic level of digital skills


of young people and youth workers want to advance their skills

The Map

Hub in Erfurt

The hub draws on the unique space of the Saline34 building to boost its capacity, potential, services and networking potential. Stocked with 3D printers, live-stream tools, VR and hologram equipment and more, this Hub is a sandbox for innovation and education! 

Hub in Berlin

Berlin is full of things happening, but this space is able to stand out regardless. Here young people can find a quiet corner in a busy city to explore the digital world, with a special focus on programming skills including GoLang and DevOps.

Hub in Nicosia

Run by a leading IT education organisation, this Hub is well resourced in terms of equipment and expertise. Building on years of experience and a solid reputation, this hub is a sandbox for young people to explore the capabilities of the digital world and themselves.

Hub in Milan

This deep-tech hub in Milan is operated by a transnational network, which gives the young people engaging within it an opportunity to access a myriad of European Union opportunities, while exploring their own digital skills capabilities. 

Hub in Reus

Run by a youth organisation with strong connections to both the European and Grassroots levels, this hub is a platform for young people to engage with digital skills education opportunities and also a world of European Union educational opportunities. 

Hub in Lancaster

Connected to a vocational school, this Hub is capable of providing many pedagogical supports to young people, and further, this allows young students to come into contact with its resources and explore digital world they otherwise would not have.

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